This is the official website of the Embassy of Poland. This site helps to expedite the legalization and certification of documents from the Embassy of Zambia in Washington DC.

Embassy of Zambia
is located at:


  Tel: 202-265-9717


Fax: 202-332-0826


 US Legalization provides expedited service to apostille the following types of documents for use in Zambia

Federal Documents

The original document issued by a federal agency such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Federal Court documents.

Corporate Documents

Companies must apostille their documents directly from their Secretary of State.
In special circumstances, when a company experiences difficulty, US Legalization can help to apostille limited types of documents from the Secretary of the State of Maryland, including, but not limited to:
  • ISO, EC, GMP, Industry standard compliance certificates, Full Quality Assurance Certificate, Certificate of Design Examination, and Certificate of Registration.
  • A true copy of articles of incorporation or company bylaws.


Personal Documents

Most personal documents must be apostilled from the Secretary of the State in which they were issued. In some instances, US Legalization can help to apostille the following limited types of personal documents from the State of Maryland.

  • A true copy of US Passport.
  • Finger Prints / Criminal background checks.
  • Original or true copy of school certificate, college diploma, university degree, and transcript.

Turn Around Time

 Most documents will be apostilled and shipped back the day after we receive them.



The total charge for each document is $45.00

US Legalization prefers to receive payment in the form of a company check or money order.
If a company check cannot be issued in a timely manner, Visa visa, Master card master card and American Express american express credit card payments are acceptable (there is an additional 3% handling fee for using a credit card).


Upon request for billing, pharmaceuticals companies that are registered with the FDA and the Patent and Trade Mark Office will receive invoices with their certified documents (not applicable for certifications from the embassy of UAE). 

Send your document(s) to :



US Legalization
1615 Bay Head Rd. Annapolis MD 21409
Tel: (410) 349 - 4900
For further assistance, please visit our main website
You may use FedExups or regular mail. Please include a completed prepaid return airway bill. 
Priority USPS usps is not recommended (it will delay your service by 2 days). 
* Disclaimer: This website was created by US Legalization to facilitate obtaining apostilles of documents intended for use in Zambia
US Legalization is not affiliated with the Embassy of Zambia in Washington DC.

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